Ash Handling System

Dry Bottom Ash Conveying System
Chain Conveyor

Wet Bottom Ash Handling System
Jet Pump

Wet Bottom Ash Handling System
Scraper Conveyor

Fly Ash Conveying System
Pressure (Dense Phase)

Fly Ash Conveying System
Vacuum System from solid fuel fired boilers of various types

Waste Heat Recovery Boiler Dust Handling System

Pressure Pneumatic Conveying System for Cement

High Capacity Long Distance Pressure Conveying System

Ash Water
Recirculation System

Silo Aeration

Mill Reject
Handling System

High Concentration Slurry Disposal System

Biomass Fired Boilers Ash Handling System

Steel Making Dust
Handling System

Operation & Maintenance

Revamp & Retrofit

Bulker Unloading System

Bagasse & Slop Fired (COGEN)

Sinter Dust Handling System

Silo Discharge and Rapid Loading System