Environmental System

FGD System
Flue Gas Desulphurisation

Wet FGD System
Dry FGD System

Water Treatment

➣ Intake well and pump house ➣ Water treatment plants
➣ Pumping station ➣ Distribution pipeline work
➣ Overhead service water reservoir

Sewage Treatment

➣ Sewage treatment plants
➣ Storm water drainage
➣ Sewer network ➣ Pumping station

Effluent Treatment

➣ Effluent collection and disposal system
➣ Effluent treatment plants
➣ Pumping station

Pipeline Work

➣ Cross country pipeline ➣ Mild steel pipeline ➣ Ductile iron pipeline
➣ HDPE pipeline with electrofusion process
➣ GI and PVC pipeline ➣ Surge protection system

Equipment Manufacturing

➣ Travelling water screens ➣ Trash racks ➣ Stop log gates ➣ Sluice gates
➣ Trash rack cleaning mechanism ➣ Fine and coarse screens, agitators
➣ Clarified mechanism ➣ Filtration system equipments and pressure filters


➣ SCADA based automation for operation of WTP, STP, etc.

O&M Services

➣ Operations and maintenance of water, sewage, effluent treatment, etc.

Prestigious Clients

Assam Public Health Engineering Department Asian Development Bank Military Engineer Services

Project details

Being debutant in EPC business of Water and Wastewater Treatment Mecgale has strong foot print in the field. We are registered with many Govt. Departments. We also have tie-up with reputed technology providers for water and wastewater treatment.

We have Completed Design, Construction of 5 Nos. Over Head Service Water Reservoirs in Tinsukia, Public Health Engineering Department, Government of Assam. This is part of Rural Drinking Water Supply Scheme of Govt. of India.

Some of our major ongoing Projects are

  1. Design, construction, commissioning of 5 nos. overhead service reservoirs of capacities 1130 KL x 3 nos., 900 KL x 1 no., 680 KL x 1 no. at Agartala city, Tripura. (ADB funded) for Urban Department Govt. of Tripura, part of Drinking Water Supply Scheme.
  2. Design, Construction, commissioning of 9 MLD capacity Sewage Treatment Plant along with 9 Nos. Pumping Stations, 30 KM DWC / RCC/ DI Pipeline & Manholes (Sewerage Network) at Missamari Army Cant. Assam; for Military Engineering Services (MES), part of Sewage Disposal Work.

Prestigious Consultant