We are Eco-conscious

The very nature of our business reflects our concern towards protecting the environment. We are committed to what we do and deliver highly efficient systems which conserve energy, ensure safe handling of pollutants and maintain emission of dust to the minimum possible level.

We are Committed to Safety

We adhere to the standard safety norms in all aspects of our business – manufacturing, assembly, testing, erection & commissioning as well as during repair and maintenance.
Our manufacturing processes such as welding, shot blasting, painting, etc. are carried out in proper enclosures and booths to ensure minimum discharge of fumes and effluents.
All due precautions are taken to avoid accidents during assembly and testing of high pressure equipment. The team which works on-site for erection, commissioning, repair and maintenance, is provided with proper training on safety practices by experts. It is ensured that they use proper safety gears and equipment required for the job.
This concern for human health and life supported by adequate training, equipment and safety gears has helped us remain an ‘Accident-Free’ and ‘Zero Emission’ company consistently for over two decades.