Smart Solutions

Rely on us for the most appropriately designed solutions to meet your exact requirements. Our energy-efficient solutions save on operating costs and are optimally designed to achieve economy. Reliable and requiring minimal maintenance, they are delivered faster to save project turnaround time. Our solutions ensure a long life so that you can reap the highest benefit out of your investment. They can also be upgraded easily with less investment to accommodate your future needs. What’s more, they are from Mecgale – the name the industry trusts for over two decades.

Vast Experience

Experience matters. With Mecgale, you are sure to get a proven system design. With our vast experience of over two decades and more than 900 plants, nothing is left to experimentation at your site. A proven system means a lot. You can always be sure of getting the results that you expect from your plant after commissioning. You also save the considerable time required in exploring and experimenting solutions and benefit from guaranteed performance by our proven systems in the long run.

Efficient Design

Mecgale leverages its unmatched experience to ensure efficient design. Our energy-efficient designs save on operating costs and achieve investment efficiency. Additionally, they can be upgraded easily to accommodate future needs. Our efficient design approach helps our customers in reducing conveyor lengths, reducing cost of the structure, lower energy consumption, reduced maintenance cost and so on.

Large Capacity

You can always count on our large capacity for timely deliveries. Most of the parts of the system ordered by you  are manufactured in-house. This ensures quality and faster turnaround time. Our fabrication facility spread over an area of 15000 sq.m is just one example.

Wide Ranging

With Mecgale, there is no compromise due to lack of offerings. You are sure to get the system which is most appropriate for your purpose. The right system ensures guaranteed performance, peak efficiency and longer life of the plant.

Turnkey Project

Once on board, we take complete responsibility right from designing, manufacturing, procurement and fabrication to installation. This includes civil work, pneumatic handling, electrical and mechanical installation and finally, plant commissioning and training you team. Depending on the customers choice, we also undertake the responsibility of Repair and Maintenance (R&M) of the plant on a regular basis.

Reliable Service

Mecgale assures service throughout the plant life. Be it spares, repairs, renewal or relocation, we are with you at every step.

Higher Safety

Safety of people and assets is of prime importance to us. We follow the highest standards of welding and manufacturing and use good quality material. Also, Team Mecgale lays great emphasis on following all safety practices and adheres to safety standards during erection, commissioning and maintenance.

System Reliability

We fully realise the importance of a highly reliable system in a process plant. Due care is taken at the design stage itself. We engineer robust systems capable of serving in harsh, demanding conditions. The components used are of the highest reliability and standard makes.

Enviro-friendly Systems

Mecgale systems are designed to operate in an environmentally safe manner. They restrict the emission of dust, dirt or effluents in the surrounding atmosphere. Energy-efficient designs use less power and help conserve the environment.

Reduce Project Cycle Time

Our large capacity and well-equipped facilities ensure the lowest project cycle time and all sincere attempts are made to commission your plant as per schedule. Most of the times, plants are commissioned by us before deadlines. This helps you in getting full realisation of your investment without inconvenience.

Lower Life Cycle Cost

With Mecgale, you are always sure of achieving lower life cycle cost of the project. This attributes to reliable systems requiring minimal maintenance and energy-efficient design to reduce plant running costs. These aspects form a major part of your LCC as compared to the initial investment in the plant.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Mecgale practises several ways to ensure higher energy efficiency of the entire system and to keep your plant running costs to minimum. For example, the use of IE2/IE3 electric motors, ‘Intelligent Pneumatics’ – a design approach to minimise pressure drops over longer distances in a pneumatic system, etc.

Ease of Operations & Maintenance

Our precisely designed and manufactured systems require minimal maintenance. Due to simplified design, these systems are easy to operate and maintain in the long run. Moreover, quick availability of spares and support of expert service engineers are assured.

Resource Optimization

Efficient utilisation of available resources at site such as water, energy, etc. is carefully planned so that you economise on the overall plant built cost and its running costs.