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Ash & other conveying system
Ash & other conveying system
An ash handling system is a crucial component of power plants and industrial facilities that use solid fuel, such as coal, for energy generation. It is responsible for collecting, conveying, and disposing of ash generated during the combustion process. Ash refers to the byproducts of coal combustion, including bottom ash, fly ash, and other combustion residues.

The primary purpose of an ash handling system is to safely and efficiently handle the ash, preventing its release into the environment and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. It plays a vital role in maintaining the operational efficiency, reliability, and environmental sustainability of the plant.

Efficient ash handling systems contribute to environmental protection by preventing air pollution and minimizing the impact of ash on surrounding ecosystems. They also ensure the safe and reliable operation of power plants by maintaining optimal conditions and reducing equipment wear and downtime.

Overall, an ash handling system is an integral part of power generation and industrial processes involving solid fuels. Its proper design, operation, and maintenance are essential for meeting environmental standards, promoting sustainability, and ensuring the efficient functioning of the facility.

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System Variants
Dry bottom ash conveying system
Chain conveyor
Wet bottom ash handling system
Jet pump
Wet bottom ash handling system
Scraper conveyor
Fly ash conveying system
Pressure (Dense phase)system
Fly ash conveying system
Vacuum system from solid fuel fired boilers of various types
Waste heat recovery boiler dust handling system
Pressure pneumatic conveying system for cement
high capacity long distance pressure conveying system
Ash water recirculation system
Silo aeration system
Silo seration system
Mill rejectHandling system
High concentration slurry disposal system
biomass fired boilers ash handling system
Steel making dust handling system
Operation & maintenance
Revamp & retrofit
Bulker unloading system
Bagasse & slop fired (COGEN)
Sinter dust handling system
Bagasse & slop fired (COGEN)
Sinter dust handling system
Silo discharge and rapid loading system
Ash & other conveying system
Coal & other conveying system
Speciality convening systems
Water intake and screening
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